Technology with an aggressive musicianship describes the formula of the Oakland, CA based band Slave Unit. Influenced by hardcore punk, industrial and hip hop music, Slave Unit's sound strikes you with powerful rhythms weighted with bass-heavy beats, original samples, and crunching guitars. The lyrics are often based on observations and reflections of human behavior and error.

Caffeinated Electronic Punk Rock​

Artist photo by Chris Christian

Slave Unit is: 
Mike Welch: Vocals, Programming, Guitar, Bass, Sampling, Drums and Percussion

Live Support:
​Aki Sasaki (Escape (Window), Drk.Scrt.Lv.): Bass, Percussion
​Shawn Brice (BloodWIRE, Loveless Love) Guitar, Percussion 

Chris Gill - Guitar, Percussion

Finn Kisch - Guitar, Percussion